City of Warren, MI

Beautification Commission

The Commission consists of fifteen members appointed by the Mayor, serving a three year term. The Commission shall be charged with the following duties:

  • To study, conceive, formulate, promulgate and develop plans for the beautification of streets, highways, alleys, parks, streams, playgrounds, yards, lots and buildings;
  • To study, investigate and develop plans for improving the health, sanitation, safety and cleanliness of the city;
  • To foster the prevention of fires, diseases and other public hazards;
  • To encourage and recommend the placing, planting and preservation of trees, flowers, plants, shrubbery and other objects of ornamentation in the city;
  • To collect, study and evaluate information on community improvements and to make recommendations thereon;
  • To sponsor, plan, promote, coordinate and carry out campaign activities for the restoration, preservation and enhancement of the beauty of the city;
  • To otherwise promote public interest in the general improvement of the appearance of the city; provided, however, that nothing herein shall be construed to abridge, invade, supplant or change the powers and duties of the other commissions, departments, boards and agencies of the city. 


Commission Members:
Eleanor Bates
Andrea Bouchard

Nancy Keen
Genie Palmer 
Carol Peterson
LaRiene Sjo
Ex-Officios:  Kelly Colegio


City of Warren, Michigan

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