Alex J. Groesbeck

alex-j-groesbeck-tnSon of a pioneer Dutch-French family, Groesbeck was born in Warren Township near the corner of Mound and 12 Mile Roads in 1872. His father’s election as sheriff in 1880 caused the family to move to Mount Clemens. In 1893 Alex graduated from the University of Michigan and began a long and distinguished legal career in Detroit. After serving as state attorney general from 1917- 1920 he became governor for the first of three successive terms in 1921. His Republican administrations were noted for governmental reorganization, prison reform, and expansion of state highways. Highway M-97 was subsequently name after him. In 1927 he returned to Detroit, retaining active interest in public affairs until his death in 1953.

Bureau of History, Michigan Department of State
East side of Mound Road between 12 & 13 Mile Roads at the General Motors Entrance