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Flynn House 1865


This large frame house was built in 1865 by a family named Jones. In 1889, Dr. Flynn bought it and his family continued to live here until 1951. Dr. John C. Flynn, born in New York in 1850, came to the Warren Village in 1880 and was the only doctor there for many years. When Warren was incorporated in 1893, Dr. Flynn was elected its first president. Both Dr. Flynn and his wife, Annie E. Flynn were influential in establishing the Murthum High School in 1926 after several trips to Lansing to obtain the monies. Annie Flynn, besides assisting her husband as a trained nurse, served the community in many capacities. She was chairman of the township Women’s War Board during World War I and treasurer of School District No. 3 for several years. The Flynn Junior High School was dedicated in her name on January 21, 1973. She passed away in 1942 at 93 years of age.

Warren Village Historic District Commission, 1997
Location: 6048 Chicago Road

Gillet Beer Farm


Peter & Sally Gillett moved to Warren Township from New York in 1832, buying 82 acres of land from the government. Part of the current house was built before 1840. Peter sold a portion of the land to the First Methodist Episcopal Church in 1845 as a burial ground, deeding other parts to his children. By 1875, this property was owned by F. Van Fleet, the Kidds in 1895 and the Bates in the 1930’s. Art and Agnes Beer bought it in 1946. The Agnes E. Beer Junior High School was named in her honor in 1969.

Warren Historical Commission, 1999

Location: Chicago Road, east of Ryan Road

Grist Mill


This is the site of the old Grist Mill built by John and Dave Wilson in the late 1890’s. In 1911, A. V. Church bought the mill and later sold it to the Farm Bureau. In 1922, a group of Farm Bureau members organized a Co-operative Company, and the Warren CO-OP was born. Louis Bush served as President until June 1948 when John Rinke was named President serving until he retired in 1973. Originally, the mill sold grain, flour, feed, and coal, expanding in 1924 to sell home, farm, and hardware items. The CO-OP closed it’s doors in October 1995 and was ultimately demolished.

Warren Historical Commission, 1999

Location: Chicago between Mound and Van Dyke at the RR crossing

Hoard House 1889


Gurton Hoard built the original frame building as a hotel in 1889, since this area was a days buggy ride from the Utica area to Detroit. The house also served as the location of the first village meeting place. After Mr. Hoards death the house served many capacities- residence, boarding house, doctors office, and apartments.

Major additions and remodeling were done over the years with special attention to historical details.

In 1945, Lyle Gordon Elliott started the Lyle Elliott Funeral Home which his son Lyle Gran Elliott has continued to operate.

Warren Village Historic District Commission, 1997
Location: 31730 Mound Road

Joiner House 1895


Warren's First Library 1935
This house was built in 1895 by Robert and Eliza Joiner. Owners to date have included the Seibert, Brinkert, Bull, Zorn, MaCallum, DeGrandchamp and Trzaskoma families. In 1935 Warren’s first library was located in the parlor of this house. Through the efforts of a Home Economic group the Warren Community Library was formed. The library committee consisted of Miss Elkin, Mrs. Parrott and Mrs. Zorn. Memberships were solicited from throughout the community for twenty-five cents each. Mrs. Zorn donated the use of her front parlor for one year and in January of 1935 the library became a reality with 716 donated books.

Warren Village Historic District Commission, 1997
Location: 31715 Seventh Street

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