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Mayor's Accomplishments

Accomplishments of Warren Mayor James R. Fouts

As Warren Mayor, Fouts has initiated a number of programs to help improve Warren as well as some other notable achievements:

  • Returned city operated EMS Transport
  • Cost-savings programs in Sanitation, Building Maintenance and DPW departments
  • Eliminated city paid cell phones and car allowances for all mayoral appointees
  • Open door policy for the public in the Mayor’s office
  • Annual Outstanding Volunteer Recognition Ceremony
  • Created Student Advisory Committee to get the youth of the city more involved in their community
  • 4.0 Students Ceremony
  • Three successful college fairs
  • Neighborhood cleanup sweeps – street by street, house by house, by city inspectors
  • Consolidated several city departments
  • Demolition of dilapidated buildings
  • Dismissal of employees who were accused of possession or illegal drug dealing
  • Random alcohol and drug-testing for all mayoral appointees
  • New innovative crime-fighting programs including a Citizens Police Academy
  • Special ceremonies to honor World War II, Korean War & Vietnam Veterans
  • Saved thousands on Christmas tree lighting and fireworks
  • Crackdown on prostitution and drug dealing in Warren
  • A “Buy American Products” campaign
  • Collection of donations for the needy and American troops overseas
  • Saved the city $30,000 by not using a personal driver and eliminating leased vehicle for Mayor
  • Defense of Nativity at Warren City Hall
  • “Buy Warren” initiatives
  • Urban gardening in Warren & conservation of Monarch Waystations
  • Reduced maximum height for uncut grass from 9” to 6”
  • First Church-Police-City partnership
  • New used car lot ordinance
  • Began “Annual Tribute to Frank Sinatra” concerts
  • Created Code of Ethics for all appointees
  • New snow alert policy
  • Demolition of an adult bookstore
  • New Parks and Recreation programs
  • Prayer Station at city hall
  • Job Fair
  • Bricks at Veterans’ Park commemorating veterans
  • Crackdown on heroin users and dealers
  • Reduced Number of City Employees by 27% Without Layoffs
  • Live Strong fund-raising
  • Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Terminated 4 city employees for embezzlement

City of Warren, Michigan

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