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Adult Softball Leagues

The City of Warren Parks & Recreation Department will be offering Adult Softball Leagues. Leagues are scheduled to begin the week of April 23, 2018. Game times will be 6:10, 7:15, 8:30 & 9:35 p.m. Sunday game times will begin at 5pm. Rules are governed by USSSA. The games will be played at the following locations:

Wiegand Park - On Toepfer (8 1/2 Mile Road) between Hoover and Van Dyke.
Halmich Park - On the north side of Thirteen Mile Road between Ryan and Dequindre.

New teams can begin registration February 1, 2018. Teams must be paid in full by April 6. Sign up using this form.

Leagues will be offered in the following formats:

Absolutely no tournament teams are allowed in our recreational divisions. Any tournament teams that register in our recreational divisions will be disqualified from league without a refund. No more then 2 tournament players (as determined by USSSA) are to be on a recreational team roster.

Open division is allowed a maximum of 6 tournament players on the roster.

All Leagues Play Doubleheader Games

Men's Softball
League # 12202 - Tuesday- Recreational Division
League # 12205 - Thursday- Open Division
League # 12206 - Friday – Open Division
League # 12208 - Sunday - Recreational Division

Women's Softball
League # 12203 - Monday- Open Division

Coed Softball
League # 12204 - Wednesday- Open Division 
League # 12207 - Friday – Recreational Division

Umpire Fees and Game Balls:
1. Each team must pay $13 per game umpire fee in cash prior to game time ($26 fee for doubleheaders).
2. Each team must supply one new ball per game. All game balls must be USSSA approved. You can purchase game balls with the Warren Parks & Recreation Department.

Teams that participated in the 2017 Warren Parks & Recreation softball leagues will have priority registration beginning January 22, 2018. New teams can begin registration February 1, 2018.

All league entry fees are $700; 50% of fees are required at time of registration. Teams must be paid in full by April 6 or will be dropped from the league. All fees are non-refundable. Absolutely NO REFUNDS. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 12 games.

*** There is a $50 deposit for a forfeit fee. If any team forfeits during the season, they will lose half of the deposit. If any team forfeits two games during the season, they will lose all $50 and will be dismissed from the league. This deposit is refundable at the end of the season if a team does not forfeit any games. The deposit must be separate from the registration fee. ***

For more information, please email Dave Klein at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (586) 258-2003.

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