Mayor’s Accomplishments

Accomplishments of Warren Mayor James R. Fouts

As Warren Mayor, Fouts has initiated a number of programs to help improve Warren as well as some other notable achievements:

1. Work 24/7 – No vacation days
2. Has morning sweeps at city hall
3. Takes/returns constituent calls at home and on weekends
4. Mayor communicates with constituents through all mediums during the day, night and weekends.
5. Changed city persona to an ‘inclusive’ city, not ‘exclusive’
6. Returned city-operated EMS transport resulting in $29 million in new revenues
7. Cost-savings programs in Sanitation, Building Maintenance and DPW departments
8. Eliminated city paid cell phones and car allowances for all mayoral appointees
9. Open door policy for the public in the Mayor’s Office
10. Annual Outstanding Volunteer Recognition Ceremony
11. Created Student Advisory Committee to get the youth of the city more involved in their community
12. Diversity in City Departments and Boards/Commissions – African Americans, Muslims, Arabs, etc.
13. MLK Ceremony
14. 4.0 Students Ceremony
15. 10 successful college fairs
16. Mayoral Portrait Dedication Ceremony
17. Neighborhood cleanup sweeps – street by street, house by house, by city inspectors, including mobile home parks
18. Received Livability Award from U.S. Conference of Mayors
19. Consolidated several city departments
20. Demolition of dilapidated buildings (nuisance abatements)
21. Dismissal of employees who were accused of possession or illegal drug dealing
22. Random alcohol and drug-testing for all mayoral appointees
23. New innovative crime-fighting programs including a police academy
24. Special ceremonies to honor World War II, Korean War & Vietnam veterans and 70th Anniversary of the End of World War II
25. Saved thousands on Christmas tree lighting and fireworks
26. Crackdown on prostitution and drug dealing in Warren
27. A “Buy American Products” campaign
28. Saved the city $30,000 by not using a personal driver and eliminating leased vehicle for Mayor, and city issued cell phone
29. Defense of Nativity Scene at Warren City Hall, Defense of Prayer Station at city hall, Defense of National Day of Prayer
30. “Buy Warren” initiatives
31. Urban gardening in Warren and conservation of monarch waystations
32. Reduced maximum heights for uncut grass from 9” to 6”
33. First Church-Police-City Partnership
34. New restrictive used car lot ordinance
35. Began “Annual Tribute to Frank Sinatra” concerts
36. Created Code of Ethics for all appointees
37. New snow alert policy
38. Demolition of an adult bookstore
39. New Parks and Recreation programs
40. Prayer Station at city hall
41. Job Fair
42. Bricks at Veterans’ Park commemorating veterans
43. Crackdown on heroin users and dealers
44. Reduced number of city employees by 27% without layoffs
45. Neighborhood Watch Program
46. Terminated 4 city employees for embezzlement
47. New Global Positioning System (GPS) on city vehicles, including snow plows
48. Efficient Complaint Tracking System
49. “Welcome to Warren” signs
50. Senior citizens anti-scam police program
51. Hazardous Waste Drop-Off day
52. New automated water meter program
53. Relay for Life Cancer Fundraiser
54. LiveStrong Fundraiser
55. Breast Cancer Fundraiser
56. Domestic/Sexual Violence Purple/Teal Ribbon Fundraiser
57. March of Dimes Fundraiser
58. American Red Cross Blood Drives
59. Property transfers and ownership changes recorded immediately
60. New TV Warren programs
61. Collection of donations for the needy and American troops overseas – Food Drives, Toy Drives, Warm Winter Clothing Drives, Military Care Package Drive, “Love Package” Drive for the needy, Annual School Supply Collection Drive, Several Book Drives, Jason Dunn (Dystonia Fundraiser), Flint Water Crisis
62. Computerization of Purchasing Department’s System (now receive monthly budget update reports and regular overtime reports).
63. Street sweeping four times a year instead of one
64. Appointment of Skip McAdams, first African American Department Head
65. Appointment of women and minorities to city positions
66. Farmers’ Market
67. Re-opened and renovated Fitzgerald Senior Recreation Center (campaign promise)
68. Arbor Day Foundation – Tree City, USA Community
69. Purple Heart City
70. Saved over $5 million over 15 years by converting all city streetlights to LED streelights
71. After School Anti-Violence Program – Van Dyke Schools Initiative/corridor
72. School Safety Program implemented after the Sandy Hook tragedy
73. Adopted budget with no tax increases
74. Initiate pet store restrictions
75. Rental Inspection Program is self-sustaining
76. Mosquito Elimination Program
77. Fireworks Initiative and Patrol
78. MDOT Freeway Service Drive Overgrowth Issue
79. AA Bond Rating for Warren
80. Implemented rules regarding appointees and inspectors owning rental properties in Warren
81. Warren received the highest award in financial reporting
82. Honored one 10 year old and one 7 year old for honesty in church donation box return, honored hero’s – GM stabbing, etc., honored local high school sports teams
83. Led Anti-Right to Work fight
84. Established Pothole Hotline/Program
85. Established emergency hotline during flood disaster – Mayor’s Office was epicenter for all aid effort
86. Provided “No Solicitors, No Salesperson, No Peddlers” stickers to residents for their homes
87. Speaks to local high school government classes throughout the year
88. Conducts marriages free of charge for Warren residents
89. Partnered with Macomb Community College Intern Program
90. Partnered with various boards/commissions for PSA’s/outreach events
91. Hosted lead testing event safety for children
92. Held Support American-Made Auto Rally
93. Partnered with Macomb Community College for Job Fair every year
94. Established green dot program for local stores
95. Established anti-K2 spice initiative at local stores
96. Helped build Habitat for Humanity home in Warren for Jason Dunn
97. Help secure grants for city
98. Attracted new business and expansions in Warren (business friendly)
99. Partnered with Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD)
100. Established drug tip hotline
101. Established neighborhood blight hotline
102. Partners with the Warren Center Line Prevention Coalition (WCPC) every year for alcohol retailers project
103. Strong fund balance
104. City-wide Street/Road Improvement Program
105. Declared Warren a Purple Heart City (First in Michigan)
106. Major Business Expansions of Walmart, Menards, GM, Chrysler, New Universal City Mall, Tech Plaza, etc.
107. Hired more police and fire personnel
108. Library millage – helping build new Busch branch
109. Planning a new Library-City Hall-Police and Fire Station in 9 Mile – Van Dyke area
110. Healthcare reform
111. Fewer water main breaks
112. Collaboration with other cities-i.e. fire, etc.
113. Move to Warren Campaign
114. Historical photos refurbished and hung up around city hall
115. Mayor donated $1,000 out of his own pocket for Flint Water Crisis and asked for matching donations–raised a total of $6,000
116. Hosted lunch for 100-year-olds in Warren
117. Encouraged new city-sponsored programs for special needs persons
118. Initiated a review of city hall to be certain if it is Americans with Disabilities Act compliant
119. Began a program to encourage businesses to hire persons with disabilities and make their buildings more accessible for the handicapped
120. Saved Warren taxpayers $1.5 million in Mayor’s office expenditures since his election as mayor in 2007
121. Maintained and improved city services in spite of losses of millions in state revenue allocations
122. Led Warren to become the Metro Area’s largest industrial assessment city even surpassing Detroit according to Crain’s Detroit
123. Opened the first new modern movie theater in 40 years
124. Annually, increased city expenditures in capital equipment including new vehicles for public service, new fire and police vehicles
125. Sponsored Caregiver Recognition Ceremony
126. Sponsored Disability Resources Fair
127. Supplied police with NARCAN to save opioid-overdosed victims
128. Encouraged formation of Warren Area Chamber of Commerce
129. Sewer jetting to clean sewer lines
130. Initiated special needs program in recreation
131. Praised by Crossroads for employing special needs individuals
132. Initiated pawnbroker regulations
133. Implemented new rubbish carts citywide
134. City has highest number of emergency services personnel (per capita) in the U.S.
135. $4 million in building inspection fees
136. Mobile home inspection program
137. $6 million annually in neighborhood road improvements
138. Fire Dept. EMS received gold award (highest) from American Heart Association (4 consecutive years)
139. Formed Police Canine Unit
140. Initiated bullet-proof vests for police officers
141. Joined lawsuit against big pharma for excessive opioid prescription rates
142. TV Warren earned international competition awards
143. Pool at Community Center voted best by WDIV-TV viewers (2 consecutive years)
144. $10 million in overtime savings
145. 21-million-gallon detention basin to reduce street and basement flooding (under construction)
146. Provide storage building for Veterans Returning Home for $1 a year lease
147. Lighting up the front of City Hall to bring public attention to certain diseases
148. $745,000 annually in rental inspection fees
149. Stronger penalties for negligent landlords, including jail time
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