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Dino Turcato
Associate Manager

News from the Department of Public Works

Due to the freeze and thaw conditions we are experiencing an abundance of potholes. We are focusing on the main roads first, then the half miles and side streets as priority.

DPW employees along with hired contractors are trimming city trees in the right of ways. All trimming is being done within the specifications outlined in the city ordinance.

Any potholes or trimming concerns can be reported to (586) 759-9270.

Please click here to view a map of the road maintenance responsibilities.

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Road Projects: 


Construction Update July 2019

Road Responsibilities

(The following is a list of which roads the City of Warren or Macomb County is responsible for street sweeping, maintenance and snow removal.)

(Listed below are the road responsibilities of the City of Warren, in priority order. Maintenance and snow removal are completed in this order.)

Note: It should be understood that snowfalls that follow closely upon one another may disrupt the above-mentioned routine as efforts need to be diverted to a higher priority.