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Citizen's Guide to Warren's Financial Accountability & Transparency

Citi StatWelcome to City of Warren’s Financial Accountability and Transparency dashboard, which contains a layman’s illustration of both the city’s fiscal health, and performance indicators of the services we provide. We are pleased to offer to the public an easy-to-understand analysis of how our local government functions, and how your money is allocated.

These financial and performance measures are the outcome of an initiative Mayor Jim Fouts began in 2008, through the creation of a data-driven program called CitiStat. While balancing economic conditions with effective and efficient delivery of services, CitiStat has been a tool for the Mayor to monitor ongoing city departmental functions, eliminate waste, and quickly make decisions with a timely and ongoing pursuit of his vision and strategy.

With one click on a dashboard module, you will be provided with information about our city, its financial health, results of citizen surveys and useful maps of vital assets. These modules are ever-changing as information unfolds throughout the year.

Fiscal information is based upon audited budgetary documents, and simplified in accordance with Governor Snyder’s mandate by use of the Munetrix database that provides municipal graphs and charts directly from reports filed directly with the State of Michigan.

Performance measures are updated nearly in real-time by QALERT for citizen response and service queries, as well as a custom Data Dashboard created between CitiStat and the Wayne State University Center for Urban Studies. Our dashboard will also contain additional information that is specific to Warren, and of importance to its residents and leaders.

We are also happy to share the results of our bi-annual Cobalt Community Research Citizen Satisfaction Surveys, Michigan State Benchmarking with other communities, and further analysis with our partners at the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG).

Welcome! Now press a button on the dashboard and instantly partner with your City of Warren.



Munetrix™ is a web based information source designed to give easy-to-understand access to sometimes confusing financial information for municipal governments. The tool allows for building long-term financial forecasts and trend analysis including fiscal indicator scores, best-practice benchmarking and peer group comparisons.


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Water and Sewer System Annual Budgets
The Water and Sewer Budget will now be presented within the City Budget document.

Water and Sewer System Financial Reports
The Water and Sewer Financial Statements will now be presented within the City's Financial Reports.


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