Snow Removal Policy

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City Snow Alert Policy


Snow Removal Facts

  • The Warren DPW maintains 316 miles of local roads, 65 miles of major roads and many bridges.
  • Normal clearing time of all city roads is 24 hours after the storm has ended.
  • Plowing of all side streets will be done if there is over 4 inches accumulation of snow.
  • Snow Alert Ordinance has increased efficiency.
  • DPW has nine drivers and one mechanic on stand-by every night during cold weather months.
  • The city has 13 front line plow trucks with 2 back-ups.  The city also has 10 small dumps with plows, one road grader, two back-hoes, and one end loader.
  • The salt barn capacity is 5,000 tons.
  • Average use of salt is 10,000 tons annually.
  • Cost of salt is up approximately 25%, currently $48.55 per ton.
  • Warren DPW is budgeted to plow out the entire city at least 10 times per year (average 2 to 3 times per year).
  • Can call upon other city divisions for manpower and equipment in case of major blizzard.
  • Under Mayor Fouts’ administration, streamlined maps and computerized salt applications have been added to provide more efficient services at a reduced cost.