Police Officer

Posting Date: March 02, 2020

Job type: Part-Time

Pay Rate: $50,589/$71,684 Maximum Salary (After 5 years)

Job Status: Sourcing

Due to the closing of all EMPCO testing sites, the recruitment for Police Officer has been suspended. Please continue to visit our website for continuing updates.
The City of Warren is now recruiting for Police Officer. To apply and be on the eligibility list you must meet the minimum requirements and complete the application process as indicated below.

 Age 21 or older by the closing date for testing, which is MARCH 22, 2020.
 Possess a valid license to operate a vehicle in the State of Michigan with a good
driving record.
 United States citizen.
 Must possess normal visual functions in each eye. Possess 20/20 corrected vision
in each eye. Possess normal color vision
 Must pass a physical examination including drug screening and a psychological
evaluation within the guidelines established by the City, as modified by current
 No felony convictions.
 Must pass a background investigation

Written exam:
 Must pass the written test administered through Empco Inc. within the past year
with a score of 70 percent or higher, and the oral interview with a score of 70
percent or higher. The written exam is worth 70% and oral interview is worth 30%
of your total score
 Applicants must create a profile, register and take the written exam to be
administered by Empco Inc. Go to https://www.empco.net/testing to create a
profile, register for the written exam and pay the exam fee. Applicants must
complete the online profile and take the written exam by MARCH 22, 2020

Experience Requirements:
 Current police officer –OR- MCOLES certifiable (completed Police Academy) –OR-
currently enrolled in an MCOLES certified police academy with a projected
graduation date within 120 days of the application deadline –OR- have three years
of active duty in the United States military with an honorable discharge. Original
DD214 must be provided. Military veterans who meet this requirement may be
sponsored in the police academy, providing they have passed the MCOLES
reading/writing and physical agility test.

Educational Requirements:
 High school diploma or equivalent G.E.D.
 Minimum of 62 semester credit hours or 93 quarter credit hours at an accredited
college or university –OR- possess two years of full time employment as a certified
police officer (from a public, municipal or county police department) –OR- three
years of active duty in the U.S. military with an honorable discharge –OR- a
combined total of four years of paid full-time work experience as a certified police
officer (from a public, municipal or county police department) and/or active
military duty experience with an honorable discharge verified by a Form DD214.

For Military Preference Points:
 One preference point will be added to a passing composite score of 70 percent at
the time the eligibility list is certified for veteran’s preference, for service during a
period of war or receipt of an expeditionary or other campaign service medal
during an emergency condition, with an honorable discharge. You must provide
an ORIGINAL Form DD214 to qualify.

Application Process:
 Applicants who score 70% or higher on the Empco written exam by the above
deadline and meet Warren’s preliminary requirements will receive an email
instructing them to complete the City of Warren Police Officer application packet
and bring it to the City of Warren Human Resources Department by the deadline
stated in the email. You will be notified if you are scheduled for an oral board
interview, and a one year eligibility list will be created.


Current Starting Salary: $50,589/$71,684 Maximum Salary (After 5 years)

 The City of Warren provides an excellent benefit package including a defined
benefit plan pension, health, dental and life insurance (no monthly premiums),
paid vacation, sick time and holidays and lateral transfer pay. Officers with 2 or
more years of full time law enforcement experience may qualify for a higher
starting wage. Please visit www.warrenpoa.com for more benefit information.

 Special jobs, aside from Patrol, include: Community Policing, Special Response
Team, Evidence Technician, Field Training Officer, Jail, Liquor Enforcement, Motor
Traffic, School Resources Officer, Special Operations Surveillance, Undercover
Drug Enforcement and DEA.

The City of Warren is an