Public Service Department

Gus Ghanam
Public Service Director

Click here for the letter to all City of Warren property owners regarding the Draft City-wide Storm Water Management Plan.

The Department of Public Service is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the activities of the following divisions:

  1. Building- (586) 574-4504 – Permits, inspections, zoning, city certifications and certificate of occupancy.
  2. Department of Public Works- (586) 759-9270 – Year-round road maintenance, city signage, storm sewers, vehicle maintenance for all city vehicles.
  3. Engineering- (586) 759-9300 – Construction and maintenance of roads, sidewalks and inspections of all projects.
  4. Property Maintenance- (586) 574-4662 – Addresses issues relating to weeds, grass over 6″, debris, unmaintained property and issues relating to street lights.
  5. Rental- (586) 574-4561 – Inspections of rental properties and registering of rentals
  6. Sanitation- (586) 775-1400 – Garbage pick-up, yard waste pick-up, curbside recycling, and operation of the drop-off center.
  7. Water- (586) 759-9200 – Construction, maintenance of water and sewer lines and appurtenances.
  8. Waste Water Treatment Plant- (586) 264-2530 – Treatment of all wastes delivered to plant and establishment of storm water management plan which meets government controls.

The Department of Public Service is responsible for coordinating the blight sweeps with the divisions involved. Also, the Public Service Department is responsible for the Nuisance Abatement Program, in which hearings are held regarding vacant, dilapidated or unsafe structures. The issues are resolved either by rehabilitation or by demolition.

If an issue can not be resolved first directly through the proper division, then please call the Public Service Department at (586) 574-4604 for assistance.

For non working street lights, please call (586) 574-4662.

For snow removal, please refer to the Department of Public Works or Property Maintenance Division web page.

For rubbish/compost pick up questions, please refer to Sanitation’s web page or call (586) 775-1400.


Gus Ghanam
Public Service Director

Suite 320
One City Square, Warren, MI, USA