Police & Fire Retirement Commission

The Retirement Board is a quasi-judicial body consisting of five members as follows: the City Treasurer; one member elected by a majority vote of the Fire Department; one member elected by a majority vote of the Police Department; and two members appointed by the Mayor.

The Board’s purpose is to establish, maintain and administer a system of pensions and retirements for the benefit of the personnel of the Police and Fire Departments (fully paid members), and for the widows and children of such members. They are further charged with the management and operation of the system.

Employee Handbook – October 1995

2017 Summary Annual Report

2020 Police Fire Retirement Meeting Dates

Police and Fire Retirement Health Benefits Plan & Trust

The Police and Fire Retirement Pension Board, authorized by Charter Section 16.1 of the City Charter and as composed pursuant to Public Act 345 of 1937, as amended (MCL 38.551 et seq), is authorized to serve as the board of trustees for the VEBA trust entitled the City of Warren Police and Fire Retirement Health Benefits Plan and Trust.

A trustee or other fiduciary under the trust shall discharge his or her duties with respect to the trust solely for the purpose of providing retirement health, life and disability benefits to those eligible to receive such benefits. The trustees shall discharge their duties with the care, skill and caution which a prudent person, acting in a like capacity and familiar with those matters, would use in the conduct of an activity of like character and purpose.

Commission Members

Scott Salyers, Chairperson
Lawrence Garner, Vice Chairperson
Lorie Barnwell, City Treasurer/Secretary
Richard Fox, Commissioner
Frank Badalamente, Commissioner
Mindy Moore, Ex-Officio

Police and Fire Retirement Agendas


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