Engineering Division

A Division of Public Service

The Engineering Division is responsible for delivering a cost-effective infrastructure system. The Division assesses the condition of the present road, sidewalk, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main systems; establishes a priority for system upgrades, pursues avenues for construction funding, designs and specifies the proposed construction work; and oversees the contract work that provides an improved infrastructure system. In addition, the Engineering Division services all of the other city Divisions, Departments and Commissions as they seek to restore, maintain and upgrade the city facilities and properties under their jurisdiction.

The Division is working in a concerted effort with the Public Service, Assessing and Planning Departments to computerize all city zoning, parcel, and infrastructure system maps to develop an interactive information system to better manage our city’s resources.

The Division maintains and upgrades all records of city utilities, streets, and addresses, as well as all project-specific contract records and “as-built” construction information. All such records are available to prospective developers, builders, architects, engineers, commercial and industrial facility operators, and residents. All private development site plans, including subdivisions, condominium projects, and commercial and industrial facilities are reviewed by the Engineering Division for impact to the surrounding area, and compatibility to the local infrastructure system. All work within city right-of-ways and easements are inspected by the Engineering Division.

December 2019 Construction Update

FEMA Flood Maps

If you would like to check a property’s flood zone designation, please click the link below and follow the instructions: Flood Maps
If you see “non-printed panel”, the property is located in “zone x” (areas determined to be outside of the 0.2% annual chance floodplain) and no maps were created, a community panel number is available for your records.


If you see illegal dumping into a street storm drain, a ditch or a creek Call Public Works Commissioner Candice S. Miller’s HOTLINE at 1-877-679-4337 and report the activity.

Utility Information Requests

Water, Sanitary and Storm Sewer Information Only
If you would like to submit a utility information request by email, at Include as much information as possible regarding the site, including address, property I.D. if known, and the utility information you are seeking, your company information, or if you are the owner of the property.


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