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News from the Department of Public Works
Due to the freeze and thaw conditions we are experiencing an abundance of potholes. We are focusing on the main roads first, then the half miles and side streets as priority.

DPW employees along with hired contractors are trimming city trees in the right of ways. All trimming is being done within the specifications outlined in the city ordinance.

Any potholes or trimming concerns can be reported to (586) 759-9270.

Please click here to view a map of the road maintenance responsibilities.

What You Can Do To Protect Our Waterways

A Citzen’s Guide to Cold Weather Practices to Prevent Stormwater Pollution

Ordinance on Leaf Raking

There is an ordinance in place preventing the raking of leaves into the gutter. The street sweepers are not the proper equipment for leaf pick up, but do a decent job on the natural falling leaf amounts. If they are piled up, they plug up the machines and then they need to be repaired. With over 400 miles of side streets we do not have the manpower or the equipment to pick up all the leaves in Warren. Homeowners are responsible for their own leaves. They are to be placed in marked compost cans or in paper bags. Sanitation will pick them up on regular trash pick up day.

Snow Removal Policy

Road Responsibilities

October 2019 Construction Update
(The following is a list of which roads the City of Warren or Macomb County is responsible for street sweeping, maintenance and snow removal.)

  • Macomb County Roads – 10 Mile, 12 Mile, 14 Mile, Dequindre (10 Mile to 14 Mile), Hayes, Mound, Schoenherr. Total Lane Miles: 118.5
  • State of Michigan Roads (Maintained by Macomb County) – Groesbeck, Van Dyke Avenue
  • State of Michigan Roads (Maintained by Wayne County) – Eight Mile
  • State of Michigan Roads (Maintained by MDOT) – Walter Reuther Freeway (I696), 11 Mile Service Drive (Warner east to Merideth), 11 Mile Service Drive (RR Tracks Sherwood east to Hayes) Total Lane Miles 88.98

(Listed below are the road responsibilities of the City of Warren, in priority order. Maintenance and snow removal are completed in this order.)

  • City of Warren Roads
  • Primary Roads – 9 Mile, Chicago Road, Chicago Road South, Hoover, Ryan, Old 13 Mile, 11 Mile Service Drive (Dequindre to Warner), 11 Mile Service Drive (Merideth east to the RR Tracks east of Mound), 13 Mile, Dequindre (8 Mile to 10 Mile). Total Lane Miles 124.78
  • Secondary Roads – Arden, Beebe, Bunert, Civic Center, Common, Dawson, Engleman, Federal (Toepfer to 9 Mile), Frazho, Gloede, Kennedy, Lorraine, MacArthur, Mackersie, Marmon, Martin, Masonic, Milton, Sherwood, Stephens, Toepfer, Waltham, Warner, Washington. Total Lane Miles 145.12.
  • Bridges – Bridges by their nature are separated from ground level and therefore are perpetually exposed to the elements on all sides. This condition causes them to “ice up” more quickly than the rest of the roadway system. Consequently, salting is required more often to abate icy, slippery conditions.
  • School Access Routes – To be cleared after completion of major and secondary roads. NOTE: School Access Routes are not necessarily the streets in which students are pick up by the school bus. These roads typically are the road providing quick access for school buses from a secondary or primary road to the school.
  • Residential Streets – To be cleared as equipment and manpower are available after primary, secondary, and school access routes are completed (as time remains after the above tasks are completed). This policy exists provided that snowfall exceeds approximately four and a half inches (4.5″) in depth or extremely hazardous conditions exist for an extended period of time. No removal operations will occur if rapidly ascending temperatures are expected. Total Lane Miles 532.

Note: It should be understood that snowfalls that follow closely upon one another may disrupt the above-mentioned routine as efforts need to be diverted to a higher priority.


Dino Turcato
Associate Manager