Treasurer’s Office

The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the collection, safekeeping, and allocation of all city revenues, including property taxes, special assessments, fees, licenses, and water revenues. The Treasurer’s Office acts as the tax collection agent for all taxing units located within the City, including the millages of six school districts and the County.

The Treasurer, in the capacity as the city’s money manager, strives to keep Warren at the forefront of its investment policy. The interest revenue earned from the investment of the city’s funds is a significant factor in maintaining a high level of city services.

City and County would like to inform you: The due date for the second installment of the Summer Tax is this Friday, January 31st. Thursday and Friday the cashier will be open until 6PM. You can also use the drop box behind Warren city hall, pay online, over the phone, or mail your payments. The Winter Tax is due March 2nd. Any unpaid 2019 Taxes will be turned over delinquent to the County on Tuesday, March 3rd and will not be accepted at the city after that date. Any questions or concerns contact 586-574-4542.

Tax and Water Payments

Our new payment portal is here!

  • Please note that any previously created payment logins will need to be recreated in the new payment system
  • Checking/savings account payments are at no additional fee; credit/debit card payments are charged a 2.8% service fee ($1.50 fee minimum)

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SUMMER TAXES (City & School):

  • Full or First Installment due date: Payable July 1- August 31
  • Second Installment due date: Payable December 1- January 31


  • Due Date: Payable December 1- February 28
  • Mailed out in December


  • City & Schools: July 1- June 30
  • County: January 1- December 31
  • State Education Tax: October 1- September 30

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Lorie W. Barnwell
City Treasurer

One City Square Suite 200
One City Square, Warren, MI, USA

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

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