Community Outreach

Welcome to the City of Warren’s Community Outreach page. We hope this page encourages you to become more involved in a variety of outreach projects going on in the city. If you have any questions or suggestions, please call Joan Flynn at (586) 258-2039.

Bunert Schoolhouse Project

The Warren Historical & Genealogical Society has received National recognition for the Bunert School Museum. The 1875 one room schoolhouse is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A National Preservation marker complements the State Historic plaque also located at the schoolhouse museum. The museum is located on Bunert Rd. just south of Martin, on the property of Warren Tower H.S.

The Warren Historical & Genealogical Society appreciates donations for the maintenance of the schoolhouse museum. If you can give, please call (586) 258-2039.

Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers

Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to help seniors stay in their own homes as long as possible. They are always in need of volunteers to assist with a variety of chores, including trips to doctors, grocery shopping, light housework, or sometimes just companionship. If you are interested in volunteering, please call (586) 757-5551.

8075 Ritter, Centerline, MI 48015

Liberty Family Outreach & Summerfest

We are currently running our ‘Operation Fill A Backpack Campaign,’ collecting donations of at least $10 to fill at least 800 backpacks with school supplies. To learn more about Liberty Family Outreach & Summerfest please visit our website.

3800 E. 11 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48091
(586) 754-2400

Leaps and Bounds Family Services

Leaps and Bounds Family Services is a non-profit focusing on family education programs. The agency provides adult basic education and ESL classes for Michigan Works referred individuals, after school tutoring for children in grades 3rd-12th grade, early childhood education through play and learn groups and home visiting programs and childcare and parent training. The agency served over 4,500 individuals providing over 20,000 hours of service in 2010, many of them Warren residents. The agency receives financial support from United Way, Michigan Works, Macomb Intermediate School District, private foundations and corporate and individual donors. Leaps and Bounds is looking for individuals who can make an ongoing commitment to provide tutoring and mentoring of youth and tutoring for adults. More details, calendars of activities and other information can be found on the agency website.

8129 Packard, Warren, MI 48089
(586) 759-3895

Monarch Waystation

The monarch migration is truly one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Did you know that the monarch butterfly is in desperate need of habitats to lay its eggs? Warren Mayor Jim Fouts would like to encourage Warren residents to plant monarch waystations in their own backyards. Look below for how to register.

When you register contact Joan Flynn, the community outreach coordinator, so the city can keep a total of how many stations there are and where they are. Call (586) 258-2039.

If your monarch habitat meets or exceeds the general description of a Monarch Waystation set forth below, your habitat may be certified by Monarch Watch as a Monarch Waystation. Uponbutterfly_top_2 certification, your habitat will be included in the Monarch Waystation Registry, an online listing of Monarch Waystations worldwide, and you will be awarded a certificate bearing your name and your habitat’s unique Monarch Waystation ID number. You may also choose to purchase a weatherproof sign to display, identifying your habitat as an official Monarch Waystation.

Size: A suitable Monarch Waystation habitat can be easily integrated with an existing garden. There is no minimum area requirement in order to certify your habitat; however, a truly effective Monarch Waystation will be at least 100 square feet. The total area may be split among several sites at your location and there is no upper limit for the size of a Monarch Waystation habitat.

Exposure: Butterflies and butterfly plants need lots of sun; therefore, Monarch Waystations need to be located in an area that receives at least six hours of sun a day.

Drainage and Soil Type: Milkweeds and nectar plants will do best in relatively light (low-clay) soils. Good drainage is needed to avoid root rot and provide good aeration of the roots.

Shelter: To assure that the maximum number of monarchs survive in your habitat, the plants should be relatively close together. However, they should not be crowded – be sure to follow the planting guides specific to each plant. All monarch life stages need shelter from predators and the elements. Planting milkweeds and nectar plants close together contributes to this shelter for monarchs and other wildlife.

Milkweed Plants: To maximize the utilization of your habitat by monarchs, it is desirable to include a number of milkweed species. It is best to have at least 10 plants, made up of two or more species; however, a large number of plants (more than 10) of one species is sufficient. Milkweeds of different species mature and flower at different times during the season. By increasing the number of milkweed species in your habitat you will increase the likelihood that monarchs will utilize your property for a longer period during the breeding season.

Nectar Plants: Monarchs, other butterflies, and numerous pollinators need nectar. By providing nectar sources that bloom sequentially or continuously during the season (as many butterfly plants do) your Monarch Waystation can provide resources for monarchs throughout the breeding season and the migration in the fall. A Monarch Waystation should contain at least 4 annual, biennial, or perennial plants that provide nectar for butterflies.

Management: You should have a plan to sustain a Monarch Waystation. Specific actions you take will depend on the features of your habitat; however, some general examples include mulching, thinning, fertilizing, amending the soil, removing dead stalks, watering, eliminating insecticide use, removing invasive plant species, and incorporating additional features.

Be sure to visit for updated information.
Thank you for your interest and continued support!

Salvation Army

Please call for volunteer opportunities.

24140 Mound, Warren, MI 48091
(586) 754-7400

Warren Center Line Prevention Coalition

Warren-Center Line Prevention Coalition Mission: To prevent and reduce drug use in the community by raising awareness and implementing effective prevention programs. The Coalition accomplishes this by including representatives from all sectors of the community. They consist of parents, youth, school staff, law enforcement, the faith based community, the medical community, government, business, and youth-serving agencies. Our goal is to identify and problem solve substance abuse issues in our community, in order to keep our neighborhoods healthy and safe for everyone.

You can attend coalition meetings the 1st and 4th Mondays of each month. They are held at the Warren-Sterling Heights Elks Lodge, 25950 Schoenherr, Warren, MI 48089.

13400 Twelve Mile Road, Warren, MI 48088
(586) 758-8259

Warren Garden Club

The Warren Branch of the Women’s National Farm and Garden Association works to further agricultural and horticultural activities, conservation of the environment and the beautification of the area. Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month, usually in the cafeteria of the Warren Community Center, September to May. Projects include the “Plant a seed” program during the Spring Carnival, a perennial plant exchange the Saturday preceding Mother’s Day in May at First Methodist Church parking lot on Chicago between Mound and Ryan and the Biennial Garden Walk the 2nd or 3rd Saturday in July. The Club has helped with the landscaping in the courtyard at the Community Center, placed the Human Sundial at the Community Center, and maintains the flowers around the perimeter. During the holidays, we decorate and sell Christmas wreaths and cedar or pine roping and donate some of these to the Union Cemetery, the Bunert School, and the Village Hall. Donations are also made through local and state projects. We offer scholarships through the local schools. Membership is open to anyone interested in the purposes of the branch. Our membership includes men and women and residents in and around Warren.
Contact Sue Keffer,

Warren Historical Commission

The purpose of the Warren Historical Commission is to further public interest in all matters relating to the history of the City of Warren and its environment. The Warren Historical Commission in cooperation with the Warren Historical & Genealogical Society, maintains a Historical Gallery in the Warren Community Center. The Gallery is open Mon.-Fri., 9am-5pm and by appointment. The Commission meets the 3rd Wed. of each month. We are looking for volunteers to help with filing, data input, research and gathering items and putting together displays. We are also looking for volunteers to be greeters in the Gallery during the summer months.

The Historical Society has been successful in obtaining National recognition for the Bunert School Museum as well as Michigan State recognition. The Historical Commission can be reached at 586 258-2056.


Joan Flynn
Community Outreach Coordinator