Registering Vacant / Abandoned / Foreclosed Properties

  • Warren City Council has passed an ordinance requiring all title holders of vacant, abandoned, and/or foreclosed properties to register with the City of Warren(Article III, Sec. 28-50 to 28-66).
  • The registration fee ($200 initial, $125 renewal) is annual and the amount of the fee is set by resolution of the City Council.
  • After registration, the city will dispatch a property maintenance inspector for compliance with the property maintenance code to insure that the maintenance requirements of the ordinance are met.
  • Inspectors will determine if the property is secured so as not to be accessible to unauthorized persons.
  • If the property is not properly maintained or secured, the city and/or a contractor may maintain and secure the property and assess costs to the bank, lender or note holder who has an interest in the vacant, abandoned, or foreclosed property.
  • The following are violations of the ordinance (unless otherwise stated violations are a civil infraction with a fine of up to $500):

(a) Failing to register the property within 30 days
(b) Failing to renew the registration of a property
(c) Permitting re-occupancy of the property without clearing all outstanding fees, fines, costs, assessments or liens.
(d) Failing to secure or maintain the property

Click here to obtain the Vacant/Abandoned/Foreclosed Property Registration Form.

Thank you for your cooperation and for being a good neighbor.

City of Warren – Department of Property Maintenance Inspection