Animal Welfare Commission

What is the Animal Welfare Commission?

The commission consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor, serving a three year term. The purpose and function of the Commission shall be to study the proper care, husbandry, welfare, maintenance, education, and awareness issues of all animals that reside within the city limits. The general duties of the Commission include:

  • Review and recommend to the Mayor and City Council programs and practices that will develop citizen cooperation in the maintenance, proper care and animal rights of all animals in the city.
  • Advise and provide studies and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on such issues as husbandry (housing, food, shelter, water, general maintenance), medical care, cruelty to animals, licensing, promotion of spay and neuter programs, enforcement of ordinances and promotion of legislative action regarding animal cruelty, investigations, and recommendations regarding wildlife incidents, and recommendations of additional ordinances designed to protect animals within the city.

How Long has it Been Around?

The Warren Animal Welfare Commission was established October 22, 1998.

When and Where do They Meet?

The Warren Animal Welfare Commission meets at 7 p.m. at the Warren Community Center at 5460 Arden Rd. Conference Room B (room #504). The meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Dates:

2019 AWC Meeting Dates
2020 AWC Meeting Dates

What Does it do?

  1. The Animal Welfare Commission developed and provides supplies to the Anne Fracassa Memorial Dog Park (Located in Burdi park),
  2. The Animal Welfare Commission organizes and holds 2 low cost vaccination clinics per year, providing low cost vaccines to over 2000 pets every year.
  3. The Animal Welfare Commission purchases educational materials related to animal welfare for the library and to distribute.
  4. The Animal Welfare Commission works in cooperation with Animal Control to address specific animal welfare issues when they arise.
  5. The Animal Welfare Commission is available to advise City Council on legislation and other matters relating to animals or animal welfare.

We are always looking for ideas for how we can help educate the public and protect the welfare of animals in our community. We welcome comments and suggestions.