Housing Commission

The housing commission created for the city consists of five (5) members to be appointed by the Mayor. The term of office members is five-year staggered terms, serve without compensation and meet at regular meetings to be public.

The commission have the following enumerated powers and duties:

  •  Manage and operate its housing projects in an efficient manner.
  •  Determine to purchase, acquire, construct, improve, enlarge, extend, operate or repair any housing facility.
  • To establish and revise rents of any housing project.
  • To rent only to such tenants as are unable to pay for more expensive housing accommodations.
  • To call upon other departments for assistance in the performance of its duties, but such departments shall be reimbursed for any added expense incurred therefor.

The housing commission shall have such other powers relating to such housing facilities project as may be prescribed by ordinance or resolution of the City Council or as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this division. However, all powers and duties granted to the housing commission in this section are specifically reviewable by the council, further that without council concurrence, housing commission decisions may not be implemented.

2020 Housing Commission Meeting Dates


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