Crime Commission

What is a Crime Commission?

The Commission consists of twelve members appointed by the Mayor, serving a three year term. Each member shall be a resident of the city for at least two years. Members of the commission may be persons with qualifications in such areas as: law enforcement, crime prevention, public communication, and education.

The purpose and function of the Commission shall be to study the crime situation in the city on a continuing basis. This study shall include periodic contacts by the commission with members of the community such as school, business and neighborhood leaders as well as police department personnel. The Commission shall serve to provide good communication and education within the community about law enforcement and crime prevention. It shall recommend any needed changes in procedures to the Mayor. The commission should be available to receive citizen questions and complaints about crime and should make recommendations accordingly. The Police Commissioner is an honorary member.

How Often do They Meet?
The Warren Crime Commission meets at 6 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month at their offices, 5959 Beebe Street, one block east of Mound. Beebe is the first street north of 13 Mile Road. The meetings are open to the public

How Long has it Been Around?
The Warren Crime Commission originated in 1968, created by city ordinance. It has been staffed by numerous hard-working volunteers during the past 26 years.

What Does it do?
The commission is charged with responsibility for studying crime within Warren, making recommendations for improvements to the mayor. They also conduct crime prevention seminars and a forum for the discussion of crime. The crime commission works closely with the police department and the city council.

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